How Can You Tell When Its Time For A New Roof?

There are several components that go in to the decision making process when determining if you need roof repairs, or a new roof all together.

What To Look For

If there is any obvious signs of water damage or even just spots leaking, this can be one of the biggest signs that your roof needs to be replaced. Along with this, any visible signs of light that seem to be coming through your roof is a major sign of trouble.

What You Can Do.

One way to check for damage is by visually inspecting your roof. Look for loose materials, torn, cracked, or missing tiles. Any of these things can be an indication that your roof needs to be fixed. Additionally, check for signs of wear on your shingles. If you find mold or any signs of moisture combined with any of the factors mentioned above, it may be time to give us a call. We will send our team to preform a professional inspection to ensure that any discovered problems get addressed. While your preforming your inspection check to ensure that your gutters are properly allowing water to drain. Gutters should be regularly cleaned about once to twice a year, if they are not it could negatively affect the lifespan of your roof. In addition to roofing, we also have expertise in gutters and can provide services for installations, repairs, and cleaning.